Joking about a type of oppression or a marginalized group gives people the false impression that we are beyond that oppression and that everything is okay. But no, sexism isn’t over. Racism isn’t over. Ableism isn’t over. Heterosexism isn’t over. All forms of oppression are intertwined and function in conjunction to maintain the status quo. Therefore we can never be “beyond racism” unless we are “beyond sexism” or any of the other forms of oppression.

These oh-so-humorous offensive jokes are so deeply institutionalized and embedded in our society as harmless things that we need not worry or make a big deal about. But they are really just mechanisms to silence people from protesting these offensive “jokes” and shame those who do object as un-funny, un-fun losers. Because yes, you’re just an overly sensitive girl who can’t take a goddamn joke for not laughing at a rape joke and refusing to let such triggering comments slip by as humor when it’s not funny to begin with.

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Tegan: I think it’s gonna be Tegan, Sara and Scout from now on. »

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